RS 4999

Chinese culture has its own unmatched charms, amulets and talismans. The Peony flower is calculated as one such lucky charm; for a girl of the marriageable age, to find a good high point at the convenient age.The Peony plant life are detached in best sitting room of the house; more willingly than the South - West command in a flower pot. The on the brink of a picture or a photo of the Peony flower is also held to go through the exceedingly effect in feng Shui. Timetabled with this on the brink a picture of a prominent and unmarried insignificant is also calculated as a lucky charm for the jade girl to find a consort of her dreams who loves her. Peony flowerBut due kindheartedness must be full by married women in the descent that the picture of the Peony flower must not be detached by married women in their bedrooms. This is so equally it is held that the consort them becomes involved towards other women and it would go through an opposing effect on the married life of the trouble.